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Metal Stamping & Progressive Tooling Dies

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Sheet Metal Stamping Dies and Tooling

We are specialists in the design and build of progressive, transfer, and blanking dies for automotive and other industries.

TTG has decades of experience providing turnkey tool services from concept development through tool completion using advanced technology and lean manufacturing systems.

We provide globally competitive tooling utilizing our resources located in Michigan and China.  Whether your tools are built in North America or around the world, our team of engineers, program managers and die makers provide around the clock, local support with North American oversite. 

Integral to our global offering is our design and project management office located in Shenzhen China and our network of proven tooling suppliers located throughout China.  TTG is able to deliver high-quality, low-cost tooling with North American tryout and final buyoff.

We have an experienced team that can support you with all the following services:

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    Die design and build
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    Die tryout
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    Die repair
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    Emergency offload
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    Short- and long-term production
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    Part & Process Simulation
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    Offshore Tooling Management



Dynamic Tryout and Buyoff

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Static Buyoff

The Right Equipment and
Decades of Experience

Design and build of one die or a 40-die-package, we can handle the project from start to finish.

Tooling Tech Group’s dies are tried and tested in a production intent environment including feed rates, sensors, and scrap shedding capabilities. We have production stamping capability for emergency offload, short- and long-term requirements while our laser scanning services enable us to achieve quick dimensional accuracy during die design and repair.

And, importantly, we can mitigate risk for you through our tooling management programs. No manufacturer can afford delays in its delivery cycle, no matter what the cause. We have the resources to design, engineer, build and tryout precision tooling solutions that are delivered to you “On Time, Every Time.”