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Segen Quick Change

Simple, Safe and Secure

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Replacing Down-Time with Production-Time

The Segen Quick-Change system replaces old-fashioned nuts, bolts, fasteners and hand tools, to significantly reduce the time wasted on industrial setups, changeovers, workholding, clamping, fixturing and alignment. Our strong, precise and reliable cylinders and mating knobs pay for themselves quickly by replacing “down-time” with “production time.” Segen Locks are precision mechanical locating systems that provide fast and accurate tool changeover for numerous industrial applications. 

By eliminating the need for old-fashioned nuts, bolts, wrenches and hand tools, the Quick-Change cylinder locks quickly pay for themselves by adding production time to your workday. The systems are ideal for precisely and instantly locating and holding just about anything, making changeovers and setups simple, safe and secure.

How the Segen System Works

With a quick burst of air pressure, the cylinders unlock to receive, and locate their mating steel retention knobs.  Removing air pressure from the cylinder allows the internal piston cam to mechanically position five hardened steel balls around the knob, locking it into place until air pressure is applied again to release it.  The precision surfaces of the cylinder locks and mating knobs offer repeatability of .0002″, with thousands of pounds of fail-safe mechanical holding strength.

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Segen Quick Change Tooling is reducing downtime and waste for numerous industries including plastics, machining, stamping, welding, robotics, automation, extrusion, aerospace, automotive, marine, windows & doors, appliances, rubber, fabricating, racing, metalworking, medical, electronics, defense and more.

Applications for improvement with our quick-change mechanisms are abundant. These innovative and practical products will reduce downtime, improve quality, eliminate waste, enhance efficiency, and increase your overall profitability.  They can be used in thermoforming, vacuum form tooling, cast aluminum tooling, die cast tooling, stamping dies, welding fixtures, end-of-arm tooling, etc.

Quick Change Applications

  • Thermoforming Tooling
  • Robotics and Automation Fixtures and EOAT
  • CNC Machining Positioning Fixtures
  • Ultrasonic Welding Fixtures
  • and more...

Sizes & Styles

The Segen Quick-Change products come in a variety of sizes and styles including high strength versions and sensor versions that provide a visual means of identifying that the system has locked.

Micro Sized, Numerous Applications

The PD250 micro cylinder, with a flange diameter of 15/16″ (0.9375″) x 0.060″, and weighing in at a mere 0.13 lbs. (including knob) is a perfect fit for holding smaller tools, logos, mold inserts, dies, jigs and fixtures where the performance requirements are for small envelopes and reduced locking forces.

Engineered for long life with a tested lifespan of over 40,000 cycles, the micro cylinder’s load rating of 500 lbs. provides the precision, accuracy and stability for smaller and lighter load applications. The stainless steel, corrosion resistant micro PD250 cylinder locks are temperature rated from -65 to 450 degrees F.

Both standard and metric thread versions are available along with a variety of high strength, hardened steel knobs. The micro cylinders can be customized for sealed applications in hostile environments. Suitable for in plate mounting utilizing the rear air fitting or enclosed in a housing with a supply manifold, the micro cylinder locks are easily installed using a clever installation tool that fits any standard 1/4″ socket drive.

Ease Component Changeover

Segen’s Mini Cylinder Locks are precision quick-change devices with the ability to save you time, money and energy. The incredible holding power of 1800 lbs. (static), assures a secure, fail-safe hold…even if pneumatic pressure is lost. Engineered for long life and demanding use, our locks operate in extreme conditions and temperatures up to 450° F. The Model 375 at 1 5/8″ Dia. x 2″ H x 2 3/8″ flange is great for frequently changed components, such as:

  • Logos
  • Tools
  • Tool Parts
  • Mold Inserts
  • Dies
  • Jigs
  • Fixtures
  • Palletizing
  • Material Handling
  • and more...

The 375 is also available in a High-Strength Model, offering up to 5-times the holding force, as well as in a sensor version or higher temperature model, please call for details.

Ease Component Changeover

Segen’s Model 438 Quick Change Cylinder Locks offer you a change for the better. With a holding force of 2,700 pounds and sized at 4.875″ H x 2.875″ Dia, the 438 was our original Quick Change solution to hit the market and it continues to deliver today. Positively locked in a static state, the Cylinder Lock actuates when air pressure is applied to release or receive the knob. The Cylinder Lock locates and positions the knob to within 0.0002″ with a holding force of 2,700 pounds.

The 438 is also available in a High-Strength version, offering 3.5-times the holding force, as well as in a sensor version.

Ready to lock even the largest tools

Like our smaller cylinder locks, the Model 500 Mega Cylinder will help accelerate tool change overs and reduce downtime. The lock, designed to receive and mate with a conical male knob, locates and positions the knob to within 0.0002 in. with a holding force up to 25,000 lbs. per device, depending on cylinder specifications. Our Model 500 Cylinder Lock, sized at 5″ H x 4″ Dia. with a flange diameter of 5.75″ will enable you to instantly locate and lock even the largest tools with precision, ease and repeatability.

The Model 500 is also available in High-Strength Model offering up to two times the holding power.

Make even tough changeovers a snap!

Get instant access to the unreachable! Segen’s Snap Fastener is an easy-to-use, snap-in/snap-out fastening device designed to speed changeovers, increase production and reduce downtime. A smart, time-saving alternative when access to screws is difficult.

Now you can instantly fasten frequently changed tool components, including logo plates, bottom inserts, access plates and more. Simply push and it snaps into place. Removal is just as fast and easy.


  1. Tooling Technology has no way of testing every possible scenario in which our products could be used. If you are unsure about choosing the right product for your proposed application, please contact us.
  1. The published load ratings for each product are reliant on mating the knobs and cylinders with fasteners that are compatible with those respective loads.

Quick Return on Investment

For a quick idea of how this tooling can affect your operations, simply refer to the application below, where we’ve made some basic assumptions operational fees and tooling changeover times.

Comparison of Average Loss on Set-Up Changes (Machining Hour $90)
Conventional Nuts & Bolts Segen Quick-Change
40/min = $60 2/min = $3
increased efficiency with quick-change
(assumption 200 working days) Based on Published Averages
Vise Example12 Month Savings with Segen Quick-Change
Savings $27.001 machine5 machines5 machines
With every change1 shift1 shift3 shifts
1 set-up change per day$5,400$27,000$81,000
2 set-up changes per day$10,800$54,000$162,000
4 set-up changes per day$21,600$108,000$324,000
Fixture Example12 Month Savings with Segen Quick-Change
Savings $57.001 machine5 machines5 machines
With every change1 shift1 shift3 shifts
1 set-up change per day$11,400$57,000$171,000
2 set-up changes per day$22,800$144,000$342,000
4 set-up changes per day$45,600$228,000$684,000

Segen Quick-Change Estimated Payback

Cost Savings
# of Changeovers/Day# of Changeovers/(355) YearAverage Time Savings (minutes)Average Time Savings (hours)Gained Sales Dollars ($625/hour)
*Average time saving = 9 minutes
Lost sales dollars could be considered at 625 $/hr (based on 50 parts per hour and an average selling price of $12/part plus non-plastic costs.)


Project Costs = $177,051
component costspart numberpriceqtytotal qtyCost
FormersCylinder LockPD438CFV$5729108$61,776
Platen     $15,000


Installation CostEst Hours To Modify
(each cylinder)
QtyTotal Cylinder QTYTotal HoursCost
Thermoformers / cylinder49108432$54,000
Mold modification / knobs
(quote from Western Mold)
12 cylinder lock / knobs required per machine
Price information: Segen-online
Shop rate used $125/hr


Simple Payback
 CostSavingsPayback (Years)
6 changeovers$177,051$199,6880.89
8 changeovers$177,051$266,2500.66

Secure CAD models of Segen components for your design

To secure detailed CAD models of Segen components, please download, execute and return this confidentiality and non-compete agreement. Once we receive your NDA, we will countersign and return the document, reach out to you and coordinate sending you the files you need for your application design.

Once you’ve filled out the NDA, please fax it to Jeff Barker at (937) 295-3677.

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