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Segen Quick Change System

Segen helps you
Replace Down-time with Production-time

The Segen Quick-Change system replaces old-fashioned nuts, bolts, fasteners and hand tools, to significantly reduce the time wasted on industrial setups, changeovers, workholding, clamping, fixturing and alignment.

Our strong, precise and reliable cylinders and mating knobs pay for themselves quickly by replacing “down-time” with “production time.” Segen Locks are precision mechanical locating systems that provide fast and accurate tool changeover for numerous industrial applications. 

By eliminating the need for old-fashioned nuts, bolts, wrenches and hand tools, the Quick-Change cylinder locks quickly pay for themselves by adding production time to your workday. The systems are ideal for precisely and instantly locating and holding just about anything, making changeovers and setups simple, safe and secure.

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