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Working at Tooling Tech Group

Founded in 1982, the Tooling Tech Group has grown organically, and through acquisition, to become the largest tooling provider in the United States with 650+ employees, 12 modern facilities and over 1 million square feet of manufacturing space across four states.

Our employees are the backbone of the company’s operation, a major key to its success. We make every effort to cross-train and develop our people to enhance their skills and increase their value to the company.

We deliberately promote a team atmosphere in the workplace, and make a concerted effort to keep the lines of communication open between all employees and management through daily interactions as well as social activities scheduled throughout the year.

Our facilities and equipment are modern and use state of the art technology. We pay competitive wages based on performance and offer clean and, in some cases, air-conditioned facilities in which to work. We offer an excellent benefits package. Come join our skilled staff in challenging work with opportunity to advance!

Work at Tooling Tech Group

Open Positions

Maintenance Mechanic

Performs preventive maintenance and repairs on machinery as needed. Oversees building maintenance and schedules subcontractors as appropriate.

Tooling Designer

The Tooling Designer is responsible for work on various tier 1 supplier projects as well as OEM projects to design and detail tooling.
Work with the Best
Industrial Automation and Tooling Supplier

The depth and breadth of Tooling Tech Group’s capabilities is achieved through the combined experience of each of these divisions, which are each composed of companies that have all been in business for 30+ years, providing both extensive industry experience and financial stability that you can rely upon.

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