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Segen Quick Change Tooling Applications & Solutions

Segen Quick Change

Segen Quick Change Tooling is reducing downtime and waste for numerous industries including plastics, machining, stamping, welding, robotics, automation, extrusion, aerospace, automotive, marine, windows & doors, appliances, rubber, fabricating, racing, metalworking, medical, electronics, defense and more.

Applications for improvement with our quick-change mechanisms are abundant. These innovative and practical products will reduce downtime, improve quality, eliminate waste, enhance efficiency, and increase your overall profitability.  They can be used in thermoforming, vacuum form tooling, cast aluminum tooling, die cast tooling, stamping dies, welding fixtures, end-of-arm tooling, etc.

Quick Change Applications

  • Thermoforming Tooling
  • Robotics and Automation Fixtures and EOAT
  • CNC Machining Positioning Fixtures
  • Injection Molding Tooling
  • Ultrasonic Welding Fixtures
  • and more...
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