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Metal Stamping & Forming Simulation Services

Draw Form Simulation

Hiring the Right Simulation Expert Makes a Difference

Lower your lead-times and development cost by investing in the up-front engineering of parts and processes.

Simulation is used to determine part feasibility, material usage, potential part concessions, spring back compensation and tool processing requirements. Tooling Tech Group has been utilizing metal forming simulation software, such as Autoform, to verify all of our forming processes since 2002. In that time, we have developed a reputation for producing successful simulation results to reduce your number of re-cuts and tryout time during the build.

Our Experience

Tooling Tech Group’s extensive knowledge of metal flow and the ability to run spring back analysis provides us with the requisite knowledge to simulate and design parts made from low carbon steel to Advance High Strength Steel, (AHSS) including Dual Phase (DP), TRIP and Martensite materials, as well as various grades of Aluminum.

Investing in the up front engineering of a part and the process to make it helped us decrease our project lead-times, lower our development cost and decrease the cost of the part.

Director of Product Development