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3D Metrology

Highest Precision & Accuracy

Our Reputation Depends Upon It

Tooling Tech Group’s reputation is based upon our customers being able to produce good parts and us delivering tooling of the highest precision and accuracy. 

To ensure this, we utilize the latest 3-dimensional metrology solutions for dimensional analysis and quality control. Laser scanning equipment and software ensures fast and accurate assessment and correction of the die to alleviate springback. High density point clouds of digitized prototype parts and assemblies quickly identify deformations, enabling us to fix problems in the earlier stage of the manufacturing process. Along with many years of high strength and ultimate high strength material experience, using laser technology allows us to tackle very complex parts and get them dimensionally correct in a fraction of the time that was considered acceptable only a few years ago.

  • Parts and die scanning
  • Scan 20,000 points per second
  • Compare parts against design specs
  • Predict springback with morphing tool
  • Reverse engineer data