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PXU300SE: Universal Pressure Box Side Panel Sets – Even Size

Part Number: PXU300SE

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Use with Even Widths.

One box does it all!
Handles multiple widths and index lengths! Imagine a versatile, efficient, cost-effective roll-fed thermoform solution that reduces your tooling and operating costs, saves you time and materials, simplifies and speeds changeovers, eliminates the need to stock multiple pressure boxes…and quickly pays for itself!

Perfect for:

  • Pressure-forming
  • Custom Shops
  • Short runs

PXU300 Universal Pressure Box Standard Features & Benefits:

  • Quickly and easily adjusts to fit any forming area
  • Adjust forming index from 15″ to 34″
  • Adjustable web width from 15″ to 31″
  • 4.75″ depth inside box
  • 6″ overall height
  • Baffled ventilation prots distribute air evenly
  • Accommodations male/female molds
  • Runs on either upper or lower platen
  • Water-cooled rear panel prevents oven heat migration
  • Crafted from 6061 aircraft aluminum
  • Threaded stainless steel Helicoil inserts ensure free-running fastener holes
  • “H-style” silicone cord assures airtight double seal between sheet and pressure box
  • Pressure gauge/relief valve safely and accurately monitors forming air pressure
  • Front and rear panels exchange to accommodate various web widths
  • Precision-machined channels provide a secure, airtight fit

Optional platen-mounting configurations:

  • Platen Clamps
  • Threaded Holes
  • 438 Quick Change
Spec Sheet
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