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PD375UTWELD: Heavy-Duty Weld-Spatter Resistant Air Hose

Part Number: PD375UTWELD


Perfect for plumbing air to the model 375 cylinders in industrial welding applications, our Weld-Spatter Resistant Air Hose is jacketed with a specially formulated weld-spatter resistant cover which protects your air lines from incidental contact with weld spatter. It also resists oils, greases, acids, bases, aqueous solutions, ozone, heat, aging and ultraviolet light.

  • Plumbs air to model 375 Mini Cylinder Locks
  • 5/32″ OD x .093″ ID
  • Pushes onto barb
  • 100′ Roll
  • Black color
  • Protects tube from incidental weld spatter contact.
  • Flexible with an excellent bend radius.
  • Resistant to kink damage.
  • Broad range of chemical resistance.
  • Can be formed into retractable coils.

**Must be used with mating “weld-spatter” hose barbs.

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  1. Tooling Technology has no way of testing every possible scenario in which our products could be used. If you are unsure about choosing the right product for your proposed application, please contact us.
  2. The published load ratings for each product are reliant on mating the knobs and cylinders with fasteners that are compatible with those respective loads.

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