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PD250IT: Micro Cylinder Installation Tool

Part Number: PD250IT


Our Micro Cylinders must be installed using our installation tool. The tool fits into a 1/4 socket drive. The barbs of the bit slide down into the conical surface of the cylinder lock, between the balls, enabling you to screw the cylinder into the mounting plate. Screwing the cylinder lock into its mounting plate with vice-grips, pliers, or any other means could smash the cylidner body out of shape or break the cylinder body loose from its precise connection with the flanged cap, resulting in misalignment or malfunction. We recommend using a brand-new tap when making the threaded installation pockets for your micro cylinders. This will aid in proper mating thread alignment, reduce torque pressure and prolong the life of your installation tool.

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  1. Tooling Technology has no way of testing every possible scenario in which our products could be used. If you are unsure about choosing the right product for your proposed application, please contact us.
  2. The published load ratings for each product are reliant on mating the knobs and cylinders with fasteners that are compatible with those respective loads.

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