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Bring Your Vision to Life

E-Mobility Manufacturing Automation Solutions

eMobility Solutions
We Can Help Bring Your eMobility Vision to Life

There’s no doubt that electrification is playing a major role in the automotive industry and Tooling Tech Group is already heavily involved. We have provided tooling to a variety of start-ups, existing OEMs and Tier suppliers as they transition to producing EV components that will enable the widespread adoption of electric and autonomous vehicles.

We Offer A
Breadth of Tooling Capability

With our breadth of tooling capability, whether you make lightweight composite body panels, interiors, structures or transmission components, Tooling Tech Group can provide the compression or thermoform molds, die cast tooling, the stamping dies or even provide an automated assembly solution that will help guide us all closer to the electric and autonomous vehicles of the future.

Our Solutions Include A
Wide Range of Vehicle Applications

Tooling Tech Group has also supplied tooling solutions that assist in the manufacture of electric Class 3 and semi-trucks, as well as autonomous cab and delivery vehicles focused on the final mile in urban environments.

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eMobility Services are
Taking to the Skies

Beyond ground transportation, eMobility and Ride Sharing is also moving into the skies. Tooling Tech Group has provided tooling to ground-breaking aviation companies exploring the autonomous space of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

No matter your level of involvement in the electric vehicle and autonomous sector, we can help bring your eMobility vision to life.

We’ve provided design, prototype and tooling programs directly and through tier-1 suppliers for these eMobility Companies: