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Century Tool Announces Machining of Fluid End Blocks for Fracking

Century Tool and Gage, a Tooling Tech Group company and a precision machining and composites tooling specialist, has announced its ability to provide the machining services required for producing fracking blocks, also known as fluid-end blocks or quints.  Fluid ends are large, heavy components made from solid blocks of steel, requiring days of machining time including milling, drilling and threading operations.

“With our experience in machining extremely large compression molds for forming composite components, Century is well-equipped to produce fluid ends for the energy industry,” said John-Paul Mead, general manager. “We have the machine tool resource as well as the staff to effectively produce these heavy-wear parts.”

Century has an 89,900 sq. ft. facility with 40-ton cranes and 15 high performance machine tools for drilling, milling, 3D roughing, semi finishing and finishing of both steel and aluminum, enabling it to achieve complex geometries and exacting tolerances. The company can produce structures in excess of 100,000 lbs. and sizes of up to 343” long by 100” deep by 120” tall.

For more information, visit the company’s Energy page.

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