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This Facility is a Leader in

Precision Machining of Components and Molds

Whether you’re serving the oil, gas, solar, wind or renewable energy sector, Century can be a partner in your process.

Fluid End Blocks for Fracking
cutting, cubing, rough and finishing machining

With our 40-ton cranes and 15 high performance machine tools, Century can handle large workpieces – such as fracking pumps and blocks —  with complex geometries and exacting tolerances for a variety of components in the energy sector. Our machining centers feature high-torque spindles capable of effectively milling, drilling, and threading superalloys, cast steels, aluminum and more.

Directional drilling, or fracking, is an efficient way for energy companies to perform shale oil extraction,  yet takes a toll on the fracking blocks or quints involved in the project. Fracking fluid, which contains a mixture of water, sand and chemicals, is blasted continually into the well under extremely high pressure, causing wear on the fluid end channels in a very short time.  With our selection of large-sized CNC machines, Tooling Tech can be a trusted partner for quint replacement in the energy sector.

Century offers
Composite Molds

Composite materials are a good fit for many renewable energy technologies. As compared to traditional metal materials, composite structures are lightweight, yet strong and durable.  They also offer corrosion-resistance, excellent weathering properties and are fire retardant. 

Century can support you with composite molds for:

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    Wind Turbines: blades, nacelles
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    Solar Racking Components: housings, racks, dishes
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    Electric Vehicles: components, charging stations