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Plastic Systems

Drill, Route & Joining Cells

Minimal Floor Space Requirements
Continuous Process Routing

Our customer needed to produce two versions of a composite automotive part that required the routing of 100 holes and the application of 65 float nuts along with some rivet studs. In addition, they wanted a fully automated solution with +​0.25mm tolerance on the holes, zero dust emission and a cycle time of just over three minutes. The customer thought it would take four machines to accomplish this.

Our automation team developed a solution that could route all the holes in a single orientation during a continuous process while using a minimum amount of floorspace. The process starts with the operator manually loading the part on a wall fixture where the automated cycle then starts. The part is clamped in place, the part style verified via a sensor, and several holes are drilled. The wall then rotates 180 degrees and a handling robot picks up the part and places it into the route cell where four robots cut about 65 holes. Each robot has a vacuum unit at its head and collects the dust during the routing process.  

The handling robot then moves the part to the rivet nut station where two robots apply 66 float nuts, fed to the robots via a pneumatic tube. The nuts go in and are crimped using amperage as an indicator if the nut is properly secured. At the end of this process, all six robots communicate with the material handling robot to determine good or bad part.

Below you will find examples of some of the solutions we offer.

Types of Automated Solutions Produced

Assembly Machines

  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Process
  • High-Speed Assembly
  • Small Parts Assembly
  • Multiple Product Capability
  • Manual Work Cells
  • Assembly Mistake-Proofing (Poka-Yoke)

Material Handling

  • Robotics and Servo Control Integration
  • Gantry Systems
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Rotary Dial Indexers
  • Walking Beam Indexers
  • Part Tracking
  • Tray Loading and Unloading
  • Vision Guided Pick and Place
  • Part Feeding and Packaging
  • Sorting

Dispensing & Sorting

  • Volumetric
  • Weight
  • Coordinated Motion Bead Path
  • Large Bulk Container Management
  • Vibratory

SCADA Systems

  • Incoming Material Lot Control
  • Assembly Birth Certificate
  • SPC Data Collection and Monitoring
  • Traceability


  • CE Marking
  • CDRH Product Reports
  • FMEA

Testing Equipment

  • Machine Vision Inspection
  • Pressure Decay Leak Test
  • Helium Leak Test
  • Flow Test
  • Electrical Properties
  • Dimensional Gauging
  • Touch Free (Using Lasers and Vision)
  • Physical Inspection (Using LVDT’s, Pressure, Flow, force, etc…)
  • High Pressure Proof Testing

Welding Stations

  • Laser
  • Ultrasonic
  • Resistance
  • Friction
  • Plasma
  • MIG
  • Gas Fill and Resistance Weld


  • Press to Force and/or Distance
  • Nutrunners
  • Orbital Forming
  • Adhesive
  • Heat Staking
  • Press with Preload and Rotary Compensation
  • Bolt and Screw Driving

Product Identification

  • Laser, Inkjet, Impact Marking
  • Barcode
  • 2D Matrix
  • RFID Systems
  • Barcode Labeling
  • Traceability