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Secondary Tooling

Robotic Deflashing & Cell Systems

Run up to four components at once

Four-station Robotic Deflash Cell

Tooling Tech’s four-station robotic deflash cell eliminates the need for multiple stand-alone trim machines or manual operator deflash stands.

Running up to four components at once, the cell utilizes a force-compliance device to mimic the human touch, precisely following parting lines and compensating on-the-fly for part shrink and variation. The system can quickly exchange one next plate for another while the robot continues to process other parts as they are loaded/unloaded. Once the new nest plate is mounted in place and the electrical connector is attached, the cell automatically identifies the new plate and loads the appropriate cutting path in the robot controller.

In addition, a Segen quick change tool adaptor on the robot end of arm allows for unlimited additional operations within the cell. Need to drill, tap, cut, or rout holes, slots, or openings in your parts? Need to attach or assemble components, screws, or any other hardware to your parts? Simply add the necessary tool with the matching quick change adaptor to the robot cell and instantly eliminate the need for a separate secondary fixture or manual operation.

We Have Extensive Experience In
Robotic Automation and Automated Assembly Solutions

Tooling Tech Group has extensive experience in the development of automated work cells designed to perform specific assembly tasks for an organization.

These cells vary from simple semi-automated solutions to units that incorporate one or more robots, turntables, controllers, automated tool changers and any other equipment as needed.