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Secondary Tooling

Automated Hot Plate Welding Systems

Rigid Construction & Detailed Melt Control
Ensuring Repeatability of Part Quality

Our Automated hot Plate welding systems are widely used for plastic part assembly with high strength weld requirements. Tooling Tech Group manufactures automated hot plate welding systems for single layer and multi layered fuel tanks, including multiple parts per weld cycle.

Overview of Hot Plate Welding Process
Hot-plate welding is the process of welding two plastic parts together using a heated tooling plate. A weld rib or bead on each component is brought into contact with the hot plate.Heat conducts into the weld rib causing it to melt.

The heated tool is then removed and the parts are pushed together until they bond to one another as a standard manufacturing technique.

The design of the equipment is based on rigid construction with detailed melt control to ensure repeatability of part quality in production.

From manually loaded and unloaded machines to semi and robot automated systems, we offer qualified engineering support to accommodate your product development.

Typical hot plate welding applications include:

  • Fuel Tanks
  • Reservoirs
  • Taillight Lenses
  • Ductwork