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Automation Division

Automated Assembly & Test Systems

Bringing Productivity to Your Processes

Automation Integration and Assembly Solutions

Robotic automation is an excellent way to enhance assembly processes – helping to increase productivity, while controlling costs and delivering consistent quality. 

And, in today’s world with the struggle to find workers, the reasons to automate have become even more compelling.  These include:

  • Higher Productivity Simply put, robotic assembly solutions speed up processes, reduce cycle times and improve productivity
  • Increased Quality Automating processes removes the chances of human error, leading to greater consistency and better quality. Error rates in manual processes are typically 1.15%, whereas industrial automation solutions typically have error rates as low as 0.00001%.
  • Cost Reduction Robotic automation solutions can reduce cost through both faster throughput as well as often requiring less floorspace than manual assembly lines.
  • Improved Safety and Ergonomics Removing repetitive tasks from humans can help eliminate long term wear and tear on human joints. Additionally, the minimization of human errors results in fewer accidents and injuries on the job – this is especially significant in hazardous environments.
  • Better use of Human Resources Automated solutions can free employees from repetitive and mundane work, allowing them to concentrate on more complex creative tasks.