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Call Us: (586) 580-4048     Request a Quote

Titan Sheet Clamps

Product Details

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Hold hot plastic sheet securely in place during molding.

Improve part quality, eliminate webbing and assure even plastic distribution by installing Titan sheet clamps on your form tools. These inexpensive sheet clamps install easily on new or existing tooling. Titan sheet clamps are gas-spring-actuated, eliminating the need, cost and time to hook up compressed air. Save on design and tool building costs as well.

Titan’s positive sheet clamping:

  • Improves part quality
  • Eliminates webbing
  • Improve sheet distribution
  • Reduces cycle time
  • Improves sheet stripping
  • Fits all sheet widths

Simple Installation
Titan’s modular design adapts to virtually any thermoforming tool. Clamp cylinders mount independent of clamp bar allowing customized placement. Attaching the bar to the cylinders with ball swivel retainers completes the assembly. These unique retainers permit the clamp bar to skew and yield during adverse clamping conditions.

Titan sheet clamps are the sensible, inexpensive answer to your sheet clamping needs.