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Syntactic Composite Foam

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Syntactic Foam Plug Assist Materials

Syntactic foam is a  composite tooling material used in the thermoforming industry.  Syntactic foam is a rigid, high-strength composite of epoxy resin and hollow glass microspheres.  The material maintains its hardness right up to its specified maximum running temperature and exhibits excellent abrasion resistance. 

Available in block, sheet and rod form, it is easily machined using standard shop tools and offers a lightweight, durable, and cost effective alternative to wood, felt, aluminum and Delrin.

Syntactic Foam plug material is engineered to address problems related to traditional thermoforming tooling such as sticking, deformation and failure.  Syntactic Foam plugs exhibit extremely low thermal conductivity, so they do not draw heat away from the plastic sheet, virtually eliminating the primary cause of plug sticking or fouling.  Syntactic Foam plugs are quick and easy to replace and are repairable if subject to minor damage. 

Requiring very little warm-up time,  Syntactic Foam plugs are dimensionally stable, exceptionally durable and are ideally suited to a wide range of inline, sheet-fed thermoforming applications such as component manufacture within the food and medical packaging, aerospace, and automotive sectors. The materials’ versatility also makes it ideal for prototype tooling in many other plastic processes.  

We offer both 350° F (177 C)  and 450° F (232 C)  syntactic foam materials to fit your a wide range of service temperatures.  Please contact us for help finding the right material for your application.

Also Featuring
Thermoplastic Syntactic Foam Plug Assist Materials

Thermoplastic Syntactic Foam is one of the toughest materials available for thermoforming plug assists on the market today. More easily machinable and able to withstand the harshest thermoforming environments, thermoplastic plugs can help produce the most intricate designs with dazzling clarity. The exceptional properties of this material will allow thermoformers to run their machines faster and hotter than ever before, cutting cycle times and increasing productivity.

Machining of this product is practically dust-free. The ease of machinability allows it to be readily tapped for threaded inserts. Our thermoplastic plug material is proven to withstand the most severe operational environments, while providing tough, long-lasting plugs that will need to be replaced less often.

Unlike regular syntactic foam, the thermoplastic material is non-toxic and no dust particles are produced during machining. No special ventilation, personal hygiene or flammability precautions are necessary.

Major cost-saving benefits:

  • No plug sticking or fouling
  • No plug heaters
  • Consistent performance
  • Fast plug production
  • Reduced warm-up time
  • Long plug life
  • Simple plug preparation