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Peening Hammers

With Our Peening Hammer You Can
Renew worn trim tooling, eliminate angel hair and fuzz.

A must for any one running punch and die or matched-metal trim tooling. This remarkable peening hammer can be used to renew worn tooling without the time and cost associated with pulling the trim tool out of the press. After the first time you “peen back to life” excessive clearance between worn punch and die, this proven tool will have paid for itself!

Saves thousands by drastically reducing downtime associated with tool maintenance.
Recondition a worn punch or die so your tooling can be back in operation within minutes. Our peening hammer is shaped and designed to deliver 6,000 blows per minute with the proper force to cause steel to yield and flow in the precise form and direction.

Profitable results in only a few minutes!

  • Simple design allows relatively unskilled workers to perform a professional peening job
  • Assures easy access to hard-to-reach equipment
  • Perfectly counter-balanced for improved feel and ease of use
  • Special feel-enhancing grip ensures a delicate touch-even in awkward positions

Peen worn punches and dies right inside your trim presses!


  • Handle-mounted on/off valve is conveniently positioned for maximum operator control
  • Air inlet port receives 1/8 NPT male hose fitting
  • Air consumption is 3 cfm

Depending on the hardness of the material being peened and the amount of hours used, the moving parts of your Peening Hammer will eventually begin to wear. After excessive peening, the Piston will begin to “mushroom” on the end and should be replaced in order to retain optimum performance. As a general rule, most of our customers prefer to replace both the Piston and the Nozzle at the same time. Please click on the button below to open a list of Peening Hammer spare parts, along with diagrams and current pricing.