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Metapor Mold Material

Our Metapor Mold Material

Micro-porous, air-permeable aluminum is a major breakthrough!

Expand thermoform design flexibility and reduce manufacturing costs with the revolutionary thermoforming mold aluminum designed to significantly enhance air evacuation and accelerate construction.

Metapor micro-porous, air-permeable aluminum is:

  • Ideal for male or female molds
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Bottom inserts
  • Detailed engravings
  • Large, flat surfaces
  • Easy to machine
  • Cuts faster than standard aluminum

Metapor offers thermoformers the ability to design and manufacture molds faster and at a lower cost. Design flexibility is significantly enhanced by eliminating the need to engineer and manufacture complex venting systems.

Metapor does it all:

  • Reduces mold manufacturing costs
  • Accelerates parts prototyping
  • Eliminates venting, tracking and back-drilling
  • Provides even evacuation for high-definition thermoforming
  • Eliminates surface mark-off
  • Expands design flexibility
  • Produces precise intricate shapes
  • Improves parts quality

Segen reduces part prototype mold-making time by 75%
Metapor is the right choice for rapid prototype mold-making. Now you can drastically cut the time it takes to go from part concept to sample thermoformed parts. Metapor machines and polishes considerably faster than standard aluminum. With Metapor, design time and machining costs are reduced or eliminated.