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Product Details

Sensor Cylinder Locks

Segen Quick Change
Improving Safety, Reliability, Efficiency and Overall Effectiveness

Used as an alternative to traditional nuts and bolts for saving time by accurately and repeatedly locating and locking various components in place without the need for tools, this enhanced version of the Segen Quick Change product utilizes an internal sensor to offer the machine operator a visual means of identifying that the mechanism is positively locked or unlocked, thereby improving the safety, reliability, efficiency and overall effectiveness of the Segen Quick Change system.

The sensor can be wired to a simple LED light, that turns on or off when the cylinder is locked or unlocked.  Advanced connection possibilities include wiring the sensor directly to the machine interface or controls for automatic shutoff or other notification features and on-screen readouts.

No modifications to your existing Segen mounting plates or tools are required.  Simply install the new sensor cylinders into your existing PD438CF, PD438F or PD375F installation cavity and use your existing male knobs.

  • Comes pre-assembled with six-foot cable
  • Prevent tool damage or injury
  • Easy set-up
  • Know when your Segen Knobs are locked and unlocked

Patents pending.

WARNING: Proximity Sensors should only be installed and calibrated at our plant. They should not be adjusted after you receive them. Before we ship the sensor cylinders to you, we test each one, multiple times with a variety of knobs. The position of the sensor barrel and mechanical bolt-stop should not be altered after you receive them. If the products become out of adjustment, please return them to us for inspection, and re-installation/calibration. Please call (937) 295-3672 with any questions.