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Tebis is an incredibly versatile and reliable CAD/CAM software that has consistently been an innovative leader in the manufacturing industry. Because of the flexibility of this software, it enables Die Cad Group to provide solutions for many critical steps in the process change.  We utilize their software for our reverse engineering processes and as part of our surfacing and morphing services.

For reverse engineering, Tebis is an intuitive and effective means to generate rapid feedback, eliminating error before creation of the end product. Detailed and specialized analysis functions allow for early detection of errors in components.

Providing What You Need and More

As a surfacing service, Tebis allows our designers to compensate for a wide range of possible scenarios- from sheet metal thinning to compensation for die deformation. Die Cad Group can more accurately and quickly produce a variety of part shapes, sizes, materials types and complexities with Tebis. We’re also able to generate consistency, even if the need for multiple changes arises.

Providing Key Insights

Using Tebis, Die Cad Group can provide our customers:
  • The quickest route from prototype to precise CAD surfaces
  • Convenient and consistent optimization of surface quality
  • Fast detection and automatic repair of any problem areas with extensive check templates
  • A time saver, with consistently predictable results, reducing costs for you overall.