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PAM Stamp

Pam Stamp virtual stamping software increases productivity and optimizes up-front  engineering processes for more expediency towards creation of a tangible product. The ability to conceive everything virtually, from customer requests to ‘inspection’ of a final product, results in cost savings and elimination of waste product in final design.


Designing to Exact Standards

With Pam Stamp as part of our draw form simulation service, Die Cad Group is able to run practical tests for our clients without necessitating production of real product, reducing lead-times and development costs for our customers.

Understanding the nuances behind the formability of a sheet metal during the design phase results in a final design which is easy to produce.  We have developed a reputation for being able to produce complex and advanced parts that meet the highest quality standards, every time. Our experienced Pam Stamp designers help make sure that this remains a reality.

Providing Key Insights

Using Pam Stamp, Die Cad Group can provide our customers:
  • Material cost estimation
  • Precise predictive technology to identify any issues in final product
  • End-to-end virtual prototyping
  • High quality results without tradeoffs