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AutoForm is an intuitive, practical software solution for die-making and sheet metal forming. The specialized functions available with this software allow us to analyze, review and optimize functionality for forming processes up-front. With Autoform as part of our draw form simulation service, Die Cad Group is able to run practical tests for our customers without necessitating production of real product, saving them both time and money.


Designing to Exact Standards

Understanding the nuances behind the formability of a sheet metal part during the design phase results in a final design which is easy to produce.  We have developed a reputation for being able to produce complex and advanced parts that meet the highest quality standards, every time. Our experienced Autoform simulation engineers help make sure that this remains a reality.

Providing Key Insights

Using Autoform, Die Cad Group can provide our customers:
  • Increased reliability in planning
  • Reduced lead-times and development costs
  • Higher quality parts and tool design overall
  • Increased accuracy and speed in engineering a part