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Tooling & Fixtures

Vacuum Pressure & Plastic Thermoform Tooling

Because of Our Expertise

Superior Experience Results in Superior Forming

We are experts in all types of thermoform tooling including vacuum form, pressure form, heavy-gauge, thin-gauge, and twin-sheet thermoforming. 

Our vacuum pressure & plastic thermoform tooling engineers have years of industry experience and are capable of helping you find the right solution for your manufacturing process. Discover the types of solutions we offer in our compression & thermoforming gallery. Our tooling engineers have the experience to help you design and implement tooling programs to produce any variety of thermoformed plastic components, such as:

  • Medical Equipment
  • Dunnage trays & pallets
  • Hot tubs, spas, bathtubs & showers
  • Swimming pools & steps
  • Luggage
  • Point-of -purchase displays
  • Kitchen & bath products
  • Boats, canoes & kayaks
  • Agricultural & construction machinery
  • Aircraft & rail car interior & exterior systems
  • Drainage systems
  • ATV’s, golf cars & off-road vehicles
  • Defense systems
  • Appliances
  • Lawn & garden products
  • Racing car bodies & windscreens
  • Fountains, garden ponds and flower pots
Thermoform Tooling Products

Adjustable Pressure Boxes

Universal Pressure Box

Adjustable Master Mold Bases

Pressure Boxes and Mold Bases

Tooling Tech Group also manufactures pressure boxes and mold bases to assist in your thermoforming needs. All of our boxes and bases are built to withstand rigorous long-term use.

Product Highlight
Adjustable Master Mold Bases

Our X, Y and Z axis adjustable mold bases have evolved from years of experience designing and manufacturing tooling for custom thermoformers, providing a reliable platform for mounted male molds.  Available in three sizes, they are designed to easily and quickly adjust to job-specific lengths, preventing distortion through front and rear sheet clamps. Coolant flow is optimized through two independent water circuits, reducing cooling time to improve cycle rates.

Catalog # Forming Area Maxiumum Forming Area Minimum Clamp Stroke
MB300 30″ x 33″ 30″ x 15″ 2.75″
MB250 25″ x 33″ 25″ x 15″ 2.75″
MB190 19″ x 23″ 19″ x 12″ 2.75″

Other custom sizes available on request, contact us for more information or a quote. 

Standard Adjustable Box Sizes

Catalog # Width Length Height Depth Inside Min. Forming Area MAx Forming Area
PX300 30″ 34″ 6″ 4.75″ 30″ x 15″ 30″ x 33″
PX250 25″ 34″ 6″ 4.75″ 25″ x 15″ 25″ x 33″
PX190 19″ 24″ 6″ 4.75″ 19″ x 12″ 19″ x12″
Product Highlight
Adjustable Pressure Boxes

Constructed from aircraft aluminum, these pressure boxes are capable of pressure forming parts over 4.5” high and can quickly be adjusted in 1” increments by simply repositioning the moveable front panel.  A water-cooled rear panel prevents migration of heat from the oven and two 1” ports provide maximum form air for fast crisp forming. 

The adjustable boxes come standard in three sizes with other sizes available.  We also design and manufacture custom adjustable boxes to suit specific applications.

Product Highlight
Universal Pressure Boxes

Use one box for all your thermoforming needs with our universal pressure box, a single solution that can adjust to a variety of sizes. Precision-machined from aircraft aluminum, these boxes accommodate male/female molds running on upper or lower platens.  The universal pressure box provide a versatile, efficient and cost-effective roll-fed solution that reduces costs and saves time.

  • Adjustable forming index from 15" to 34"
  • Adjustable web width from 15" to 31"
  • 4.75" depth inside box
  • 6" overall height