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Tooling & Fixtures

Blow Mold Tooling & Services

Serving you with

Over 30 Years of Blow Mold Tooling Experience

Tooling Tech is able to supply comprehensive and integrated technology solutions for a wide variety of blow molding applications across a number of industries from automotive to housewares.

With over 30 years of experience in blow-molded fuel tanks, we are capable of helping you find the right solution for your industrial application.

Talk to one of our tooling engineers today and explore our compression & thermoform tooling solutions gallery! 

Key applications include:

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    Under-The-Hood Fuel Reservoirs
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    Fuel Tanks
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    Sprayer Bottles
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    Housewares, Toys, Appliances
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    Coolers and Recreational Items
Our Team is Comprised of
In-Mold Technology Experts

Our experience team is qualified and licensed to manufacture precision engineered mechanical knives that can cut or trim the part during the molding cycle. These solutions include engineered retracting blades, complex retractable unscrew devices, mechanisms that can cut holes in the part during the molding cycle, devices to deflash parts integrated into the mold, and core mechanisms. All of these solutions help provide product design flexibility.

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Specialized Blow Mold Tooling

Tooling Tech Group has technical capability and expertise in trapped air blow molding, which few shops possess. In this process, a parison Is clamped to the box frame by trapping air into the box and the mold is closed. Trapped air does not use blowing holes, which is required for certain applications.

We are also experienced in manufacturing molds for flashless 3D blow molding systems that can be used for filler-pipe and air-duct production.

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Blow Molding Accessories Catalog

We offer a comprehensive line of innovative blow molding accessories that are engineered to improve quality and increase profitability.  Tooling Technology is your one-stop source for all of your blow molding needs.