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TTG Century Logox500

Fenton, Michigan

This Facility is a Leader in

Composite Molds and Precision Machining

Century, part of the Tooling Tech Group of companies, builds high-quality compression molds for composite components used in a variety of industries.

Compression molding is ideal for production of large, flat or slightly curved parts, and our dedication to this technology has led to extensive process knowledge. Our skill in machining complex geometries and exacting tolerances has positioned us a premier composites mold supplier capable of meeting the exceptional surface quality required by manufacturers of medium to large Class A exterior components.

We Provide
Quality, Custom Services

As a vertically integrated company providing everything from design through try-out under one roof, we’re able to maintain tight control over quality to provide custom services to meet your total program needs. Our experience and competencies create synergies and streamline processes to provide a seamless and enhanced customer experience.

Our Capabilities
Century at a Glance

We are Autodesk® Inventor™, VISI, Mastercam® capable and we provide machining of aluminum, tool, low carbon and stainless steels; prototype epoxy; Hastelloy®, Inconel® and other exotic metal alloys.

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88000 sq. ft.

in Fenton, Michigan

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High Performance Machine Tools
for milling, drilling, 3D roughing, semi finishing and finishing

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our mold weight capabilities

icon bed size3 64
300 inches long

by 100″ deep by 120″ tall
Bed Sizes

Discover Our
Expertise in Composites Tooling for a Broad Range of Components

We have experience making tooling, molds, check-fixtures and gauges for a very broad range of complex automotive, RV and heavy-truck components including molds for high profile vehicles such as the Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Ranger, Ford Mustang Bullitt, and many more.

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    Heavy Truck
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Semi Truck Final Render
Forming Processes
Form Tools
Heated Platen
Heated Electric, Oil, Water
Pinch Trim
Single & Multiple Cavity
Tooling Features
Gripper Plates
Tentering Frames
Hydraulic Punches
Cookie Cutter Punches
Precision and Production Machining
We’re More than Molds

Key to the effectiveness of our tooling solutions is our high-speed precision machining capability. We can produce metal components to customer print specification or engage our engineering team to assist in design. The combination of our experienced and talented staff and equipment makes us well-suited for producing high tolerance, complex components in aluminum, steel and hightemp alloys.

Our capacity for large axis CNC machining centers extends to 343″ (X) x 98″ (Y) x 55″ (Z) with a 50-ton table, offering some of the largest capacities in North America, making us well-suited for producing aerospace, energy and other large construction parts.

If you need a long-term machining partner or a company to rely upon for offload of certain projects, the Century team at Tooling Tech Group can help.

Cutting, Cubing, Rough and Finishing Machining
Fluid End Blocks “Quints” for Fracking

With our 40-ton cranes and 15 high performance machine tools, Century can handle large workpieces – such as fracking pumps and blocks — with complex geometries and exacting tolerances for a variety of components in the energy sector. Our machining centers feature high-torque spindles capable of effectively milling, drilling, and threading superalloys, cast steels, aluminum and more.

Directional drilling, or fracking, is an efficient way for energy companies to perform shale oil extraction, yet takes a toll on the fracking blocks or quints involved in the project. Fracking fluid, which contains a mixture of water, sand and chemicals, is blasted continually into the well under extremely high pressure, causing wear on the fluid end channels in a very short time. With our selection of large-sized CNC machines, Tooling Tech can be a trusted partner for quint replacement in the energy sector.

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Location Information

Main Office

200 South Alloy Drive
Fenton, Michigan 48430

T: +1 (810) 629-0784
F: +1 (810) 629-9284

Client Services:

Company Overview

Founded in 1982, the Tooling Tech Group has grown organically, and through acquisition, to become the largest tooling provider in the United States with 650+ employees, 13 modern facilities and over 1 million square feet of manufacturing space across four states.

The depth and breadth of our capabilities is achieved through the combined experience of our company units, with each of these companies being in business for 30+ years, providing both extensive industry experience and financial stability that you can rely upon.

Our unique differentiator is the ability to provide all tooling services from design to engineering to simulation to machining to fabrication to try-out all within one company. This single source ability can help to streamline your business operations and simplify your life. As a vertically integrated company, we maintain tight control over quality and can provide custom services to meet your total program needs. We take full responsibility for quality, delivery, and cost management of each project starting at concept through “on time, every time” delivery.

Together, we have earned a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality tooling for casting, molding, forging and stamping. We also produce secondary automated solutions to transform parts into assemblies and functional products used around the world. We accomplish this by applying our expertise along with the latest technology, techniques, and CNC equipment to design, engineer, manufacture and test your tooling.