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CNC Machining

We are Specialists in

Large Scale CNC Machining

Key to the effectiveness of our tooling solutions, is our high-speed precision machining capability. Our capacity for large axis CNC machining centers is unmatched and extends to 393” (X) x 98” (Y) x 55” (Z) with a 50-ton table, offering some of the largest capacities in North America.

We employ an extensive staff of experienced and talented CNC programmers and CNC specialists working three shifts for maximum machine utilization. In addition, we have developed a series of “Best Practices” that have resulted in measurably shorter lead times, and a more cost-effective manufacturing operation.

Material Capabilities:

  • Softwood, (pine for foundry patterns)
  • Hardwood or composite materials for prototype molds (mahogany, renshape or polyurethane)
  • Castings, aluminum billet, or steel machined to size for production tooling
  • Precision cutting of hardened carbon steel materials
  • Machining of hot work die steels, forged tool steels, Aircraft grade aluminum
  • 5-axis machining and specialized tools such as 3-axis gundrill centers