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Temperance, Michigan

This facility focuses on

Automation Solutions, Robotic Solutions, Secondary Tooling, and Fixtures

Founded in 1985 as a tool mold repair specialist for compression molders, this location recently underwent an expansion that increased its size by 35% and a new 5-ton overhead crane system. 

This location specializes in developing secondary tooling for composite molded assemblies as well as assembly equipment and automated systems for plastic applications such as bonding, spot welding, drilling and fastening. Our understanding of manufacturing processes also enables us to provide work­cells for metal applications involving welding, material handling and inspection.

Each of our solutions is unique to your particular requirements. We begin with an understanding of what you need to achieve in terms of a finished component. From this, our team of engineers then develops a manufacturing solution to best meet these needs. Our solutions range from simple manually operated units to complex, fully automated equipment.

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Location Information

Main Office
7297 Express Road
Temperance, Michigan 48182

T: +1 (734) 847-0651
F: +1 (734) 847-1051

Our certifications include:

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    ABB Certified Partner
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    Cognex Certified Integrator
More About Our

Single Cycle Bonding Station

In this process, the heavy truck components (about 5-ft x 7-ft in size) are kept in a glue/bond apply station where a robot travels along a shuttle applying the adhesive to the different stations.

The operator then manually loads the components in the front half of the cell and six components on the other side of the cell. The side with six components pivots up and is merged with the stationary side with the three components. The cycle then starts where cylinders are engaged to apply the pressure to finalize the bond.