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Call Us: (586) 580-4048     Request a Quote

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Compression Molds

We have deep experience in producing compression molds for a variety of industries including automotive, RV, heavy-truck, aerospace and personal watercraft industries.

Thermoform Tooling

We are experts in all types of thermoform tooling including vacuum form, pressure form, heavy-gauge, thin-gauge, and twin-sheet thermoforming. 

Die Cast Dies

Our specialty is producing tools for high volume, long lifecycle programs for a wide variety of parts used in the automotive, lawn and garden and consumer products industries.

Stamping Dies

Our Stamping Die Center of Excellence is recognized for producing difficult panels in high speed progressive dies in sizes ranging from 48 to 280 inches in length and up to 2750 tons. 

Rotational Molds

We offer a variety of roto-mold finishes such as sand-blast, shot-peen, mirror polish or various coatings and make modifications and repairs to your roto-molds as your design needs change.

Industrial Blow Molds

Tooling Tech is able to supply comprehensive and integrated technology solutions for a wide variety of blow molding applications across a number of industries.

Trim Tooling Dies & Fixtures

We have experience building precision bypass trim dies for cutting various fiber substrates, multi-layer shields, face fabrics, polyester materials, plastics, and metals.

Gauges & Fixtures

We design and manufacture check fixtures and gauges for automotive headliners, floor assemblies, carpets, dash components, wheel well liners, thermal-acoustic panels and more.

Waterjet Tooling

Our waterjet fixtures are used to cut a wide-range of interior and exterior automotive components such as headliners, carpets, acoustical materials, dash panels and more.

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