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Call Us: (586) 580-4048     Request a Quote

Tool Processing

Hiring the right tool processing expert makes a difference.

Tool Processing

Die Cad Group is unmatched in real world experience when it comes to tool processing services.

Regardless of the parts geometry, Die Cad’s team of tooling engineers and designers will work with you to develop to ideal process layout for your part.  At the start of each project Die Cad will prepare a 3D strip layout or flow chart for your review and approval.

Tool Types

  • Line Dies
  • Transfer Dies
  • Progressive Dies
  • Blank Dies
  • Hot Stamping Dies

Developing Process Layouts

Aligning stakeholder interest early in the project so that process and cost consensus can be achieved.

Die Cad’s extensive knowledge of processes, material types, and part geometries allows us to look at each process with a critical eye to achieve the best process, best efficiency, best cost for each part.

As an extension of your engineering department, Die Cad will work with you and your project team to develop process layouts, estimated blank sizes, strip layouts, die size, tonnage calculations, and estimated die cost early in the project.

Our Competitive Edge

Whether it be progressive, transfer or tandem die process, Die Cad’s engineers have the requisite experience to look at the parameters that influence blank size, part orientation in the die, number of stations required, and press requirements.

Our detailed reports allows our customers to align stakeholder interest (OEM/Tier 1, stamping supplier, tool shop) so that process and cost consensus can be achieved early in the project.

Industries Served

  • Heavy Truck Off-Highway
  • Furniture
  • Consumer Products
  • Automotive
  • Appliances

Some of our valued customers

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