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Call for design, engineering & simulation information:
+1 (586) 580-4048

Call for design, engineering & simulation information: +1 (586) 580-4048


When you partner with the Tooling Tech Group, every aspect of your project is handled in house by our experienced staff, from concept through finished product and try-out. This ensures that we stay on top of quality across the continuum while ensuring on-time delivery.

Regardless of the materials, we are pattern and model experts

We are dedicated to producing high-quality, accurate patterns. Our skilled pattern makers have extensive training and experience in using our CAD/CAM software, modern CNC milling machines and full range of mills, lathes and hand tools. Our foundry and casting patterns are created to your exact specifications. We can work with wood or composite materials including ren shape, mahogany, pine and others.

We are specialists in large scale CNC machining

Key to the effectiveness of our tooling solutions, is our high-speed precision machining capability. Our capacity for large axis CNC machining centers is unmatched and extends to 393” (X) x 98” (Y) x 55” (Z) with a 50-ton table, offering some of the largest capacities in North America.

We employ an extensive staff of experienced and talented CNC programmers and CNC specialists working three shifts for maximum machine utilization. In addition, we have developed a series of “Best Practices” that have resulted in measurably shorter lead times, and a more cost-effective manufacturing operation.

Material Capabilities:

  • Softwood, (pine for foundry patterns)
  • Hardwood or composite materials for prototype molds (mahogany, renshape or polyurethane)
  • Castings, aluminum billet, or steel machined to size for production tooling
  • Precision cutting of hardened carbon steel materials
  • Machining of hot work die steels, forged tool steels, Aircraft grade aluminum
  • 5-axis machining and specialized tools such as 3-axis gundrill centers

Our Aluminum Foundry is One More Way Our Vertical Integration Helps Us Deliver Excellence

Having our own in-house foundry gives Tooling Technology an advantage over smaller, less-advanced tooling companies, resulting in lower costs, faster lead times, and complete control over the quality of your tooling.

Our facilities are among the most modern and largest in the industry with flask sizes upwards of 10′ x 16′ and pouring capacities greater than 7000 lbs. We pour a variety of different alloys depending on your specific application, and the surfaces of our castings can be polished, sandblasted, shot-peened, or acid etched. For temperature control, seamless stainless-steel tubing in various diameters can be integrally cast into the back side of your tool.

Our modern facility, dedicated and experienced staff, and philosophy to do whatever it takes are a few of the reasons that Tooling Technology, LLC has the shortest lead-times in the industry.


We maintain a full stamping facility where we house seven presses ranging in size from 500-ton to 2,750-tons with the larger presses equipped with drop-through bolsters that accommodate 72-in. wide coil stock and thicknesses up to 0.38” thick. With this stable of equipment, we ensure die tryout in a production environment with in-die sensors and vision systems that inspect accuracy of running parts at high speed. Additionally, we can run production stampings for emergency offload, as well as short-term and long-term requirements with bed sizes from 48 x 100-in up to 108 x 280-in.

Introduction to Majestic and a New Eagle Press

Fiberglass Lay-ups

Despite living in an increasingly automated world, hand lay-up of fiberglass is still often employed to produce a variety of transportation, marine, recreational, commercial and consumer products. Our skilled fiberglass lay-up craftsmen have the experience to build fiberglass molds and structures that meet your exact specifications. And, our process and materials can be custom tailored to meet many different production methods.

We encourage you to contact us and talk to one of our engineers regarding your fiberglass lay-up requirements.

Fab & Finishing

By providing all fabrication and finishing services for our tooling in-house, we are better able to maintain control over our delivery schedules and our quality and provide you with a complete and ready-to-go solution you can count on.  Some of the secondary operations we perform include:

Vacuum and pressure form tooling, twin-sheet tooling

Drilling for vacuum, plumbing and manifolding of the temperature control system, back plates, and standoffs, pressure boxes, plug assists, installation of blow-pins, alignment pins, and any required machining. We offer molds with actuation and moving components.

Rotational mold tooling

Fabricated spider-works, alignment systems, springs and clamping systems, fill-ports, inserts, and machining.

EPS tooling

Venting, assembly of steam chests and loose cores into mold plates, ejector plates, any required machining. For parts with undercuts or back drafted areas, we also install air actuated, hinged or sliding mechanisms, depending on the specific application. We also offer special surface treatments for your tooling including polishing, sandblasting, or shot-peen texturing, all done in-house.

Compression Molds

Gun drilling of blocks to allow for steam, water, oil circuits.

Deep Hole Gun Drilling of Tooling Plate

Tooling Tech Group can be your source for deep-hole gun-drilled tooling plate for mold bases, heater plates, stripper plates, clamp plates, molds and manifolds. We supply aluminum and steel plate that is gun-drilled, tapped and machined to your specifications. By working with us, you eliminate additional handling, multiple shipping charges, duplicate paperwork and delivery coordination between your plate supplier and machine shop.


Tooling Tech Group’s reputation is based upon our customers being able to produce good parts. And, this can only be done if we deliver tooling of the highest precision and accuracy.  To ensure this, we employ quality standards that include regular metrology calibrations and certifications on our CMM equipment.

Tooling Tech Group is currently certified in the following areas:

  • Large CMM machines and Mitutoyo verification software
  • Faro arm - 8' hemispherical capacity and CRPO software
  • Cutter path verification software
  • Shop.Trak (Shop Floor Database)
  • (2) Seats Brown & Sharp PC-DMIS CMM Inspection Software
  • (1) Seat Hexagon Inc. Data Page
  • (1) Seat Hexagon Inc. Data View


Tooling Tech Group’s reputation is based upon our customers being able to produce good parts. And, this can only be done if we deliver tooling of the highest precision and accuracy.  To ensure this, we employ quality standards that include regular metrology calibrations and certifications on our CMM equipment.

Our services include:

In-plant maintenance and repair personnel (Customer Plant)

In-plant home-line commissioning personnel (Customer Plant)

Complete commissioning of off-shore built dies (Customer Plant & In-House)

Complete scanning and reverse engineering service (In-House)

Emergency-assist production (TS 16949 Certified)

Sharpening and scheduled maintenance

Remanufacturing of broken details

Manufacturing of spare details

Dimensional quality improvement

Production improvements

Stamping Dies we Repair:

Progressive Dies (up to 280” long and 2750 ton)

Blank Dies

Line and Transfer Dies (up to 96” x 280” x 60 SH 2750 Ton)

Draw, Trim, Flange, Prc Dies, Cam Dies

Repairing large die cast tooling

Some of our valued customers

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