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Call Us: (586) 580-4048     Request a Quote

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We Manufacture and Run Progressive and Transfer Dies

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Innovative Stamping Dies for the Automotive and Consumer Industries

Tooling Tech Group is a leader and innovator of progressive and transfer stamping dies for the automotive and consumer industries, capable of providing design, tryout, and production services all in-house. Our Stamping Die Center of Excellence is recognized for producing difficult panels in high speed progressive dies in sizes ranging from 48 to 280 inches in length and up to 2,750 tons. If you have one die to build or a 40-die complete package, we can handle the project from start to finish. All dies are tried and tested in a full production intent environment including feed rates, sensors, and scrap shedding capabilities.

Tooling Tech Group’s ability to consistently design, manufacture and deliver high precision dies within required dates is abetted by our use of cutting edge laser technologies where we can quickly assess and correct any spring back conditions. High-density point clouds of digitized prototype components are created from the laser scanning, allowing us to quickly identify deformations and fix problems in the earlier stage of the manufacturing process.

Along with many years of high strength and ultimate high strength material experience, using laser technology allows us to tackle very complex parts and get them dimensionally correct in a fraction of the time that was considered acceptable only a few years ago.

Die buyoffs and virtual assembly of detail stampings are providing to aid in the completion of the functional build phase prior to even completing your assembly equipment.

Tryout and Production Presses

  • 2,750 ton Eagle, 280” Transfer/Progressive
  • 1,200 ton Eagle, 216” Progressive with puller
  • 1,500 ton Danly, 190” Progressive 5mm max feeder
  • (2) 800 ton 144” Heim straight side punch presses
  • 500 ton Heim straight side punch press

Introduction to Majestic and a New Eagle Press

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