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Call Us: (586) 580-4048     Request a Quote


Using the right software makes a difference.

Call for design, engineering & simulation information:
+1 (616) 365-2454

Call for design, engineering & simulation information: +1 (616) 365-2454

In-House Software

We host a number of CAD platforms that allow us to efficiently transmit data to and from your facility and offer a secure FTP site for easy transfer of large amounts of data to our engineers. Internally, we are then able to take data seamlessly from part design to mold/die design to simulation to manufacturing through our various software programs.

Each software we employ is recognized as a leader in the tool & die industry for producing quality surfaces and advanced shapes based on a combination of wireframe and multiple surface features. Leveraging the latest software and utilizing our surfacing expertise, Tooling Tech can create and modify the surfaces used in the design of today’s complex parts.


AutoForm is an intuitive, practical software solution for die-making and sheet metal forming. The specialized functions available with this software allow us to analyze, review and optimize functionality for forming processes up-front.


CATIA V5 boosts our capacity for innovation and helps to validate complexities that may arise during multiple stages of die design. Allowing us to quickly address the challenges of sheet metal components, this software helps make sure the end results align with our customer’s guidelines and meets exacting standards for efficiency and quality.

NX Mold Design

Die Cad Group’s newest service is mold design, and we’ve sought out the best software to help aid us in providing the best possible service for our customers. NX Mold Design software allows us to streamline the mold design process from beginning to end.

Pam Stamp

Pam Stamp virtual stamping software increases productivity and optimizes up-front  engineering processes for more expediency towards creation of a tangible product. The ability to conceive everything virtually, from customer requests to ‘inspection’ of a final product, results in cost savings and elimination of waste product in final design.


Tebis is an incredibly versatile and reliable CAD/CAM software that has consistently been an innovative leader in the manufacturing industry. Because of the flexibility of this software, it enables Die Cad Group to provide solutions for many critical steps in the process change.  We utilize their software for our reverse engineering processes and as part of our surfacing and morphing services.


VISI’s CAD software applications allow us to provide a more productive and efficient design experience for our customers. Utilizing VISI, we are able to provide 3D designs, 2D drawings and detailing services for your company.


UG NX’s advanced CAD/CAM/CAE software is used throughout our tooling and die design processes. Utilizing Unigraphics (UG) NX lets us connect planning to production, providing a direct line for accurate machining data to your shop floor.

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