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Call Us: (586) 580-4048     Request a Quote


Highly skilled field service technicians ready to optimize your machine

Why TTG for Service?

Our field service technicians are highly skilled in all areas including electrical, mechanical, programming, and robotics. Being a FANUC-Certified Integrator helps us know what to look for in upgrades and maintenance. They also maintain the highest level of technical skills through continuous vendor training, technical bulletins, and in-house seminars. Our Service Team members regularly travel to customer sites for installations, start-ups, servicing, and troubleshooting our machines.

Our Service Team is ready to support you with services including:

  • Preventive Maintenance Program
  • Machine Audits
  • Production Run Support
  • Safety Inspections
  • Technical Documentation

You have our support for as long as you own the machinery.


Enhance and modify existing machinery

World Class Machines, Built to Last

During your machine’s lifetime, it is likely your product will change, and/or equipment enhancements will be developed by our engineering team. Either way, these upgrades or conversions will enhance your overall productivity and improve your bottom-line.

Our Team works with you to upgrade or convert your investment with minimal downtime or disruption. We will provide modification options that eliminate the need to invest in a new machine.

Please gather the following information to start the process:

  • Your machine serial number
  • Geographical location of the machine
  • Scope/Project document
  • Part dimensions and drawings
  • Target rate
  • Timeline
  • Sample parts

Preventative Maintenance

Providing operational excellence by improving effectiveness and minimizing downtime.

At TTG, we know that regularly maintaining equipment is key to its longevity. Our preventative maintenance programs are designed around regularly scheduled maintenance visits. The goal is to provide operational excellence by improving overall equipment effectiveness and minimizing downtime. These visits can be scheduled at any time.

When should you look at Preventative Maintenance?

If you notice a drop to 80% or below in operational efficiency.

If your machine has been operating more than one year without undergoing any internal preventative maintenance.

Why Preventative Maintenance for robots?

Your robot should be maintained on an annual basis at a minimum. When properly maintained, most robots will provide good, reliable, and long-term service. Our Service or Upgrade Team will advise you on a preventative maintenance schedule that is the best fit for your specific robot per the recommendations from the robot manufacturer.


  • Visual inspection of all aspects of your machine to identify any prematurely worn parts, potentially failing or worn motors/cylinders and any loose electrical or pneumatic connections.
  • Repair and tune-up as needed to bring your machine production levels back in line with its original capabilities and efficiency.
  • Technician will update any documentation to reflect state of current machine including pneumatic and electrical prints and the bill of materials.
  • Technician will review your spare parts inventory and provide recommendations to further safeguard from future unplanned downtime.
  • Provide training for any operators who need it and brief the operations team on any newly available mechanical and software technologies.


  • Purge and replace the grease in the robot axis
  • Clean controller exhaust fans
  • Replace robot position data backup battery and the robot controller memory backup battery
  • Physical inspection of end-of-arm tool, checking for premature wear of any moving components or vacuum cups
  • Review of alarm history to identify possible recurring problems
  • Visual inspection of all aspects of the cell to identify any prematurely worn parts, potentially failing or worn motors/cylinders and any loose electrical or pneumatic connections
  • Technician will review safety operations and make recommendations that may be applicable to keep the cell in line with current OSHA standards
  • Technician will perform any operator training that may be necessary


Keep your machine running at peak performance with genuine OEM manufactured parts.

Why TTG for parts?

You can rely on our experienced Parts Team to:

  • Identify and order genuine OEM replacement and spare parts at competitive prices
  • Respond quickly to emergency part failures
  • Develop customized, recommended spare parts list to minimize potential downtime
  • Supply necessary product/parts documentation

Ongoing support

We’re committed to servicing every machine we produce. This includes providing you with the highest quality replacement parts to keep your machine running at peak performance.


Replicating real-world production for hands-on training.

Our Training Center provides our customers the opportunity to train on machinery in a controlled environment away from the distraction of the production floor.

Located at our La Vergne, TN facility, our Training Center allows us to discuss applications without slowing or stopping production lines. Through hands-on training, customers can learn technical skills they will be able to use with their TTG machines and technology.

We feature a variety of machinery in our training center, from a scaled-down robotic palletizing cell to automation software and hardware. We have your needs covered to make your training at TTG a success.

Training Packages

Robotic Training

  • Introduction to TTG robotics
  • General FANUC robotics
  • Robot troubleshooting


Our Customized Formal Training package consists of in-depth classroom training, machine documentation review and hands-on training. Each training is customized to cover all aspects your company’s machine and any requirements your personnel have.

Included in your customized training:

  • Factory-trained technician
  • The TTG Training Center can host a small class size to eliminate noise and outside distractions
  • We cannot control the training environment at a customer's facility for on-location training
  • Up to 25 customized training manuals and one digital copy of your personalized training presentation
  • Operator training: 6–8 hours
  • Maintenance training: 8 hours

Operation Training Topics:

  • Safety
  • Machine/system overview
  • Sequence of operations
  • Status indicators
  • Operator control station (OCS)
  • Robot controls, if applicable
  • System start-up
  • Alarm, error recovery procedure

Technical Training Topics:

  • Identify problems and troubleshoot system
  • Perform changeovers
  • Blueprint documentation
  • Manual overview
  • Bill of material/recommended spare parts
  • Periodic maintenance
  • PLC/program

Not all aspects of the training topics may apply to your specific equipment. Prior to your training, a Service Team member will customize your training to ensure all aspects of your machine are covered. Assessment testing is not included in the development price.

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