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Call Us: (586) 580-4048     Request a Quote

The New Standard in Transparent Protection If you have a customer service business, then you know how important it is to protect your employees and customers from potential infection. Although the CDC guidelines recommend a distance of 6-feet between people, that is often not possible, particularly during check-out or transactional situations. Frontline Barrier separates guests and employees to help keep them safe during face-to-face interactions. Contact Us
A Physical Layer of Protection with

Quick Installation

Frontline is a customized “cough and sneeze barrier” that can be quickly installed on cash register stations, customer service counters, checkout counters or even at blackjack tables, functioning as a dealer sneeze guard. Appropriate for big box stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, casinos and more, these plexiglass barriers provide a physical shield of protection while enabling personal communication. They are designed to prevent the potential transmission of viruses through droplets caused by coughs and sneezes.

Frontline Barriers are available in custom sizes to suit your application. Built with a lightweight, yet durable aluminum frame and thick clear plexiglass. Interested parties can reach out to us with their size requirements and we will quickly design, produce and ship* these barriers for an overnight installation. These barriers can be installed by our teams and are easily assembled using basic tools.

*Lead time on shipment is 3-5 days from receipt of purchase order.


Provide protection for your…


Your front line employees

Pharmacy Checkout

Assisting the sick

Grocery Baggers

Constant public contact

Food Services

Deli & Bakery Workers

Cafeteria Workers

In a store or an office


Don’t gamble on safety

Available at Amazon

Frontline Barrier is available in the 100 Series or 200 Series and can be found on Amazon for your convenience.

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