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Tooling, Mold, Automation and Die Design

Hiring the right designer makes a difference.


When you partner with the Tooling Tech Group, every aspect of your project is handled in house by our experienced staff, from concept through finished product and try-out. This ensures that we stay on top of quality across the continuum while ensuring on-time delivery.

Our engineers and designers work to develop the ideal process for you

A successful product launch begins at the design phase, critical to any new product’s success. So, we make sure that we keep our engineering team staffed with design engineers who are experienced, creative, responsive and friendly. Our engineering and design teams are comprised of journeyman die makers, 3d model makers, tool shop design managers, product engineers and career die designers. Our team will carefully consider all aspects of your unique requirements and supply a solid model design that is clever, timely, accurate and functional.

Having the latest technology is key to meeting deliveries in today’s fast-paced world, and we our provide our design engineers with the newest, fastest, state-of-the-art workstation PC’s that are optimized for running various CAD and 3-D imaging software programs. We can take your supplied surface data, in virtually any format, and convert it into prototype or production tooling. If surface data is not available, existing blueprints or 2-dimensional data can be converted to 3-dimensional surface data.

Solid modeling for:

  • Engineering Analysis
  • Flow and Thermal Simulations
  • Forming Simulation
  • Process Development
  • Transfer Press Simulation
  • Part Print Creation
  • Tool Design

Die Design

Die Cad offers 3D design services using CATIA V5 and UG NX design software.  Our experienced teams have the ability to take on all sorts of part shapes, sizes, and complexities. 

Mold Design

Utilizing NX Mold Design software to streamline our design and product creation, we are able to create reliable and quality manufacturing processes for your plastic mold needs.


We utilize metal forming simulation software (Pam Stamp & Autoform) to verify all of our forming process. We have a reputation for developing difficult parts that require little tryout time after the build.


Our team can create complete and accurate surface models for machining and/or die design purposes. We have knowledge of all sorts of part shapes, sizes, material types and complexities.

Tool Processing

Die Cad Group has the real world experience when it comes to tool processing services. This allows us to look at each process with a critical eye to achieve the best process, best efficiency, best cost for each part.

Die Details Sourcing

Die Cad Group supplies customers with die details from best cost country (BCC) regions. All components are manufactured to the tightest tolerances and fit precisely in the tool.

Special Purpose Machine Design

Our extensive knowledge of tooling and process design has allowed us to support our customers’ growing need for special purpose machine tool designs.

Transfer Simulation

Save time and money with a transfer simulation. Die Cad’s transfer press simulation service provides key insights into your transfer die process before the dies are machined, built and tried out. 

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In-House Software

We host a number of CAD platforms that allow us to efficiently transmit data to and from your facility and offer a secure FTP site for easy transfer of large amounts of data to our engineers. Internally, we are then able to take data seamlessly from part design to mold/die design to simulation to manufacturing through our various software programs.

Some of our valued customers

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AutoForm is an intuitive, practical software solution for die-making and sheet metal forming. The specialized functions available with this software allow us to analyze, review and optimize functionality for forming processes up-front. With Autoform as part of our draw form simulation service, Die Cad Group is able to run practical tests for our customers without necessitating production of real product, saving them both time and money.

Designing to Exact Standards
Understanding the nuances behind the formability of a sheet metal part during the design phase results in a final design which is easy to produce.  We have developed a reputation for being able to produce complex and advanced parts that meet the highest quality standards, every time. Our experienced Autoform simulation engineers help make sure that this remains a reality.

Using Autoform, Die Cad Group can provide our customers:

  • Increased reliability in planning
  • Reduced lead-times and development costs
  • Higher quality parts and tool design overall
  • Increased accuracy and speed in engineering a part

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