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Call Us: (586) 580-4048     Request a Quote

Adjustable Pressure Box

Thermoform Tooling

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Adjustable Pressure Box

Under pressure, there’s nothing better!
Constructed from aircraft aluminum, our superior pressure boxes are made to withstand rigorous long-term use. Manufactured in three standard sizes, we can also engineer and create custom pressure boxes to suit your needs. Our boxes adjust quickly in 1″ increments by simply repositioning the movable front panel. Accommodates molds 4.5″ high.

Standard features include:

  • A pressure gauge and relief valve provide safe and accurate air pressure monitoring
  • Threaded stainless steel Helicoil inserts ensure free-running fastener holes
  • Two 1″ ports provide maximum form air for fast, crisp forming
  • Standard overall height 6″
  • Water-cooled rear panel prevents oven heat migration
  • Grip-tight sheet-clamp grooves on front and rear panels
  • “H-style” silicone cord assures airtight double seal between sheet and pressure box
  • Optional T-slot machine mounting available