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Call Us: (586) 580-4048     Request a Quote

Adjustable Master Mold Bases

Thermoform Tooling

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Adjustable Master Mold Bases

A thermoforming platform for plate mounted male molds
Experience is the key to every Adjustable Master Mold Base we make. Behind each adjustable master mold base, you’ll find years of tooling design experience and countless satisfied job shops.

Our Mold Base easily adjusts to job-specific lengths. Simply loosen two screws, slide the front clamp bar to the desired mold plate length, mount the mold plate, tighten the screws-and you’re ready for part forming.

“Master-full” features & benefits:

  • Rapid mold changeover
  • Front/rear sheet clamps pinch off and isolate hot plastic sheet, preventing distortion by holding sheets flat prior to plastic displacement by molds or plugs
  • Two 1 1/2″ NPT vacuum ports provide maximum air evacuation and guarantee sharp part production
  • Simple adjustability to required index length
  • Five gallon-per-minute coolant flow rate ensures maximum cooling through two independent water circuits reduces mold temperature recovery time and increases cycle rate.
  • Standard overall height 5.5″

Other custom sizes available on request, contact us for more information or a quote.